"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.  Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking.  Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice.  And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition."  

Steve Jobs 


"Imagine that in order to have a great life you have to cross a dangerous jungle. You can stay safe where you are and have an ordinary life, or you can risk crossing the jungle to have a terrific life. How would you approach that choice? Take a moment to think about it because it is the sort of choice that, in one form or another, we all have to make.” 

Ray Dalio, Principles:  Life and Work




Privos Capital is a global multi-family office LP (MFO) that makes bold, transformational and sustainable impact on the world. The core DNA of our firm is hard work, grit and execution, with no shortcuts. Our firm mission is to make social and environmental impact alongside of competitive financial returns. We partner with international family offices to drive measurable and positive change world-wide. Sustainable and impact investing in the United States continues to grow and to make a difference. Investors now consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors across $12 trillion of professionally managed assets, a 38 percent increase since 2016, according to the recent US SIF Trends Report.

Privos Capital works with our family office LP partners on a wide range of highly complex, high-profile, and confidential global expansionist activities, capital allocations, and world-wide investments, including strategic partnerships, joint ventures, capital allocations, direct investments, co-investments, private equity and venture secondaries, sustainable and impact investments, and philanthropy.  We work with innovative, world-class single family office partners, multi-family offices, sovereign and royal families, their funds, foundations, and portfolio companies, in leading the financial centers as well as in the BRICS, N-11, and Frontier Countries of the Emerging Markets. 

While it will take more than $3.0 trillion per year to meet the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs or Global Goals), global private capital markets control more than $220 trillion in assets, less than 1% of that is committed to impact. The 17 SDGs provide a global framework for addressing the most urgent social and environmental challenges. They set out a pathway to inclusive growth and represent a call to action for the private and public sectors, as well as civil society. Family offices have a critical role to play in achieving the SDGs, and both single and multi-family offices investors, like our firm, are in a unique position to invest in and influence businesses in a manner that creates positive change. Given that success in delivering the SDGs hinges on the economic growth and progress of developing countries, family office investors are critically influential.

As an international multi-family office, we partner with family offices around the world who drive exponential impact. We focus on catalyzing movements and collaborating to bring forward ideas that have transformative potential and can lead us to uncover new, more impactful ways of addressing chronic social challenges. We are one of the few global multi-family offices focused Sustainable Investing (SI), Impact Investing, and allocating capital to the 17 SDGs. Sustainable investing has gone from a niche investment idea to attracting enough capital to start having an impact on global challenges at a meaningful scale. The intensity of recent growth has been driven by a fundamental shift in how investors and asset owners view environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. The SDGs present family office investors with the business opportunity to use a different lens through which to filter future investment decisions. We believe that a family office’s investment strategies should focus upon investments that create a positive impact on society and/or the environment, in addition to fulfilling their future financial risk and return requirements, thereby simultaneously creating benefits for both business and society.

Based in New York, Privos is an independent and privately held firm with offices in the US and overseas. In Los Angeles, we focus on film finance, entertainment, You Tube Influencers, gaming, and new media. In Silicon Valley, we are involved in venture capital, venture secondaries, private equity, AI, blockchain, start-ups, accelerators, and technology. Our Mayfair office in London serves our central meeting hub for our Arab, African, UK and European family office partners with a focus on fintech, real estate, hedge funds, private equity, and alternative investments.  In Hong Kong and China, we work with our Chinese, Japanese, and ASEAN region family office partners and tycoons on global inbound and outbound investments.  In the Middle East and MENA region, we partner with pro-western, Arab family office LPs throughout the GCC, including in Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi, Oman, and the UAE.  In Geneva, we work with our family office partners and leading Swiss private client, wealth, and asset management firms who help preserve family office capital for the long term.  We are regulars at President Wilson, if you understand how Geneva works.

Privos is an independent and privately held firm.  We work with our family office partners (SFO, MFO, HNWI, UHNWI) up and down the capital stack as allocators of capital across diverse asset classes, including private equity, hedge funds, venture capital, secondaries, fixed income, real estate, and commodities.  We partner with world-class pioneers in their fields who have created great wealth and, in turn, global family offices.  We are active in most sectors and industries in which our family office partners have created substantial wealth and built global portfolio companies, including biotech, life science, real estate, art, fashion, entertainment, film, new media, gaming, technology, health care, aviation, sustainable energy, wind, solar, LNG, maritime, shipping, fashion, paper, power, telecommunications, consumer products, infrastructure, manufacturing, industrial, pharmaceuticals, health tech, IoT, AR/VR, and financial services.  

Our multi-family office has built a successful track record in working with family offices from Wall Street to Sand Hill Road ("Wall St. West").  We know the difference and how to navigate successfully in both Dubai's DFIC and Doha's QFC in Qatar, how to engage successfully with leading Swiss wealth managers, how to partner with leading family office tycoons in Hong Kong and Beijing and which family offices are allocating to the best biotech managers.  We can talk with you intelligently about whatever is on your mind - global fashion, the 17 SDGs, Silicon Valley, private equity secondaries, hedge funds, long short equities, Hollywood, Brexit, the Trump Trade, hedge fund performance, your wine fund, the US as the "New Switzerland," how to exit your portfolio in Africa, why private equity GPs sub $5B are in panic mode, Exeter v. Andover, how you almost killed yourself skiing down the Swiss Wall at Avoriaz, ways to get your fund seeded in this market, why $45B of wealth assets flew out of Lugano alone after the Americans wrecked havoc on the Swiss wealth and private banking industry, or how to work with and motivate Millennials.  

As a multi-family office, we allocate capital to private equity, hedge funds, fund of funds, secondaries, in addition to direct investments, co-investments, equities, fixed income, real estate, commodities, philanthropy, impact investments, the 17 SDGs, and other global opportunities.  We invest in alternative assets beyond typical equity and debt securities, such as artwork, classic cars, litigation funding, wine, diamonds, gems, and rare musical instruments.  

Sustainable Investing

As principal investors, we work with our family office LP partners across all sectors, asset classes, and strategies. We tailor, design, and execute bespoke proprietary allocations and financing solutions to help our LP partners achieve the important strategic goals for their family office. As a firm, our multi-family office investment approach focuses on long-term performance by fully integrating sustainability analysis into our decision-making at every step in the process in furtherance of the 17 SDGs. As discussed above, the UN Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for everyone. The 17 SDGs address the global challenges that we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, peace and justice. The Goals interconnect and in order to leave no one behind, it is important for the world to achieve each Goal and target by 2030.

We believe the world needs more courageous, entrepreneurial, approaches to social change, so we take risks on new ideas and approaches, and partner across sectors with people and organizations that s have courage to engage citizens and change the world for the better, today. We don’t limit ourselves to any one sector or issue, but instead  let a set of core values drive all of our ventures. We believe that if we wait for global assets management firms, global banks, wealth managers, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, their consultants and advisor to take risk to address, for instance, climate change, the world will blow up by 2015. Instead, it is our belief that global family offices and their willingness to take and fund risk and change is the only hope the world has to avoid disaster. Put another way, you are not going to see the consultant community allow their clients such as Calpers, HMC, or Temasek reverse global warming; sure, maybe pension funds will take PRI baby steps and talk a big game about sustainability, give Al Gore a standing invitation every time; however, all of us in the financial community know that together with global corporates, family offices are the only investors with the grit and guts to step up and take big, bold bets, execute on innovative solutions to the world most pressing problems, allocate capital to the 17 SDGs, and fund innovate solutions to save the planet.

Our Work in the FoxHole

To further understand the work we do at Privos, the words of our COO and Managing Director, a West Point, Stanford, Wharton MBA, Apache attack pilot in Desert Storm, GE Capital alum, and current Colonel in the US Army Reserves who flew Apaches Attack helicopters in the Middle East during US Operation Desert Storm, is illustrative:

"Privos Capital is the equivalent of the US Navy's SEAL Team 6 for our family office partners around the world.  Our family office partners come to us because they want our want our team in their foxhole when all hell is breaking loose in their family, their investment, funds, philanthropy or world-wide portfolio companies. Our family offices partners turn to Privos and our team when they need loyal go-fast capital partners, leaders in the financial industry, and proven battlefield tested leaders to get the job done.” As a firm, we salute those soldiers and military warriors around the world  - whatever nationality - who are fighting for freedom and to make the world a better, safer place. Our firm supports veterans around the world, retired soldiers from our NATO allies and other pro-Western veterans who have transitioned from the battlefield into business and the family office world. We are here to help you.

Our Family Office Partners

We work with family office owned and private equity backed family office portfolio firms, hedge funds, secondaries, and asset managers to expand global family office relationships and to execute innovative and customized solutions to a family office's most pressing challenges.  We are experts at helping family offices scale and exit their world wide portfolio companies often to private equity GPs who view family offices as one of the last frontiers of world-class, proprietary deal flow.

By choice, we do not manage money or third party capital, nor do we ever sell or market investment funds or financial products.  For example, we will never use Sustainable Investing, SRI, Impact Investing, ESG or the 17 SDGs as an expensive "sales tool" to hustle family offices into expensive, under performing, fee laden, wealth management investment products under the guise of "making the world a better place."  You will never ever hear our firm selling you on an open architecture platform or whatever generates the most fees for investment managers because we are smart enough nevert to sell investment products to our family office partners; it is not our business, fortunately.   Rather, as an international multi-family office, our firm has a long history of allocating capital and closing high profile international family office transactions by building upon the successful track record and respect that we command in the market.  

As LP investors, Privos is under no pressure to deliver results in any particular period for the public markets, which means that our people are free to provide unbiased, independent advice and stand by our family office partners in good times and bad.  As an independent, private multi-family office, we have developed unique proprietary understanding of each of our family office partners around the world and take a long-term view to build a true partnership with them. We have a deep track record of delivering results to the world's most complex, private, and complicated family offices of royal families, billionaires, and Asian tycoons.  For instance, one of our family office partners has over 122 different trusts from which they manage their world-wide investments and global portfolio companies, and they rely on Privos to help allocate capital and provide advisory services on complicated international businesses out of those numerous private trust vehicles.  

Global Reach

Privos will continue to expand in 2019 and beyond. We are a global firm with far reaching international experience.  As sustainable investors, we stand apart in the family office world when it comes to conducting international family office commerce, solving problems for our family office partners, getting deals done that make a huge impact on the world.  Simply put, you will not find a multi-family office team with greater global experience and a more successful track record.  For information about track record and bios on our people, please contact us.   Our family office LP partners highly private families who request for security reasons that the names of our partners and members of our firm not be disclosed on our public website. However, we are happy to send you information on our firm and the CVs of our people under separate cover after we get to know you and your family office.

Privos Capital is a truly independent and privately held global multi-family office. We are not affiliated with any bank, financial institution, or investment fund, nor do we manage money, sell or market securities or investment products.   We do not offer placement agent, third party marketing, investment banking, tax, accounting, back office, concierge, or legal services to our family office partners; however, we are more than happy to refer you to leading firms and vendor partners that can offer your family office help with these types of important and mission critical services.

Because Privos does not do not manage wealth, third party capital, or money for our clients, nor sell financial products or funds, nor do we act as third party marketers, placement agents or investment bankers for our family office partners, we are free from the conflicts of interest that have plagued the financial services industry following the global credit crisis.  At the end of the day,  we are smart independent world-class global professionals who are fiercely loyal to our family office partners who we stand by in good times and bad.  

Our Mission

The Chinese idiom, “Fu Bu Goo San Da" (富不过三代), translates into “the wealth of a family never lasts for more than three generations.”  At Privos Capital, our mission is to help family offices expand globally and partner with other leading family offices around the world, create new jobs, global business opportunities, and wealth for many years to come. 

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