"This is about building on a wonderful tradition of philanthropy that will ultimately help the world become a much better place.”  

Bill Gates, in discussing The Giving Pledge


Privos Philanthropy 2019:  High Impact Philanthropy

Our firm, together with our global family office LP partners, are passionate activists and thought leaders in global family office philanthropy.   We believe in "High Impact Philanthropy" and execute on this vision in all of our philanthropic work around the world.  We embrace activism and employ private industry experience to effectuate global change for our the philanthropic initiatives of our multi-family partners.

As we have several University of Pennsylvania Wharton MBA alums at our firm, we have decided to based our firm's definition to High Impact Philanthropy on the work developed at The University of Pennsylvania Center For High Impact Philanthropy.  Thus, for our multi-family office, the High Impact Philanthropic work that we undertake is characterized by (1) a family offices that believes in their mission to achieving social impact; (2) leveraging the resources of the family office to identify the problem and developing solutions in the home country of the family office partner; (3) linking considerations of cost and impact to understand where the best opportunity is for the family office to achieve social impact; and (4) continuous learning by the entire family office to refine and improve so that you make a greater difference.   

To help you understand how our multi-family office executes High Impact Philanthropy,  we worked, for many years, with one of our global family office partners in partnership with the United Nations, the World Bank, and the Germany Development Bank, KFW, and others, to establish in six countries in Africa the enabling environment to provide low cost LPG, energy, and clean cook stove solutions to women and children on the continent.  Our involvement High Impact philanthropic project was driven, in part, by the fact according the World Health Organization cooking and fire inhalation actually kills more women and children in African than AIDS, TB, and malaria combined.  Further, women and girls in certain parts of Africa can spend up to 10 hours per day walking miles to collect wood for fire and cooking, with horrible attacks and brutality taking place to them during the wood collection period.  We were appalled by this situation that remains unchanged despite the world-class efforts of Power African and other DFIs and organization.  Thus, we decided to use the full resources of our firm, and that of our global family office partners, to actually do something about this problem the way that we do things in the private sector:  by getting things done.

Accordingly, by using our private sector experience, successful track record in the capital markets, world-class experience of our people, and in conjunction with partnerships with other family offices, DFIs, and local African players, we were able to help with others start the process of creating innovating financing and sustainable energy philanthropic solutions to over six countries on the African continent.  We believe that our work in Africa is properly described, in the words of our CEO, as "High Impact Philanthropy" that is the best and most effective way to create large scale change for society and help implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  

By way of background, family offices around the world practice vast philanthropic giving and activism to tackle a myriad of vast global issues including but not limited to job creation, clean energy, LPG, deforestation, global warming, soil erosion, environmental problems, Ebola, health care, cancer, family values, small scale farming, reforestation, education, breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, biomedical research, molecular oncology research, agricultural production, health clinics, art, music, culture, fighting genocide, public health vaccination, climate change, road safety, antismoking, agricultural development, clean water, anti-poverty, social justice, mental illness, bipolar disorders, psychiatric research, ocean health, healing brain injuries, prison recidivism, empower women, women’s equality, child abuse, and domestic violence against women.

At our firm, ur philanthropic work embraces the 17 SDG, SRI, sustainability, ESG, and Impact Investing best practices.  We help the marginalized and those thought to be unemployable by creating jobs and building new economies.   If your family office is interested in philanthropy, or increasing your philanthropic involvement by partnering with other family offices, we would love to partner, collaborate, or learn from your work.   

As a starting point reference to help you increase your philanthropy, we encourage you to study the following list of foundations, non-profit funds, associations, NGOs, universities, and DFIs to understand the current eco-system of philanthropy as we see it today and to inspire your family office to become more involved.  

The Clinton Foundation

The Gates Foundation

The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation

The Warren Buffett Family (Giving Pledge)

The Nature Conservancy

The Salvation Army

International Medical Corps

Handicap International


Paypal (relief efforts for Nepal)

Mercy Corps

Catholic Relief Services

Habitat for Humanity International

Global Giving

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA)

J/P HRS (Sean Penn)

Doctors Without Borders

The Nature Conservancy (TNR)

World Wildlife Foundation

Save The Children


Show Me Campaign


World Vision

United National World Food Program

Samaritan’s Purse

NWP (National Writing Project)

The MacArthur Foundation

Tony Awards Excellence in Theater


Enough Project

The Vaccine Alliance (Gates Foundation)

United Negro College Fund

Theodore Stanley Family Foundation

Broad Institute (MIT and Harvard)

Illumination Fund (Tisch Family)

Costume Institute at the Met

Young Woman’s Harlem Leadership Network

The Aspen Institute

People for the American Way

Center for American Progress

Adaptive Eyewear

Girls Who Code

Embrace Innovations

Raw for the Oceans

UNICEF Innovation Labs

CrowdRise (Edward Norton & Shauna Robertson)

David Geffen (Lincoln Center)

Edutopia (George Lucas)

University of Chicago Lab

World Wildlife Fund (Leonardo DiCaprio)

The Natural Resources Defense Council,

International Fund for Animal Welfare

HeForShe Movement (Emma Watson)

Faces of Kibera

Uweza Foundation (Rooney Mara)


96 Elephants (Katie Lee)

Breast Cancer Research Foundation (Evelyn Lauder / Kinga Lampert)

Young Eisner Scholars (Eric Eisner)

Robin Hood Foundation (Barry Sternlicht)

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Naked Heart Foundation (Natalia Vodianova)

London Fashion Week

ProjectArt (Adarsh Alphons)

Enstitute (Shaila IttyCherian & Kane Sarhan)

FITE (Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship (Jane Worland)

Echoing Green Fellows

World AIDS Day (Tim Cook / Apple Computer)

Pencils of Promise (Adam Braun)

Red Cross

Avon Foundation

Salma Hayek Foundation

Kering Foundation (Francios-Henri Pinault / CEO Kering, owners of

Fashion brands Gucci Saint Laurent, and Bottega Veneta)

Prep For Prep (Diahann Billings Burford)

SVCF(Silicon Valley Community Foundation) (Jan Koum)

1/1/1 Program (Marc & Lynne Benioff /

SVCF - (Priscilla Chan & Mark Zuckerberg)

San Francisco General Hospital (Priscilla Chan & Mark Zuckerberg)

LACMA (Nicole Avant)

SVCF –(Nicholas & Jill Woodman / GoPro)

Sean Parker(Napster / Facebook)– Stanford University

Rome Trevi Fountain Restoration Project (Fendi Family)

Rome Colesseum Restoration Project (Diego Della Valle / Tod’s)

Rome Spanish Steps Restoration Project (Bulgari)

Venice Rialto Bridge Restoration Project (Renzo Rosso / Diesel)

Solemo Umbrian Village Restoration (Brunello Cucinelli)

Chime for Change (Salma Hayek, Frieda Giannini, & Beyonce Knowle)


Pro Mujer

Equality Now

Four Generations Project Kenya (Kuki Gallmann & Sveva Gallmann)


Save the Children

Lutheran World Relief

Jewish Federations of North America

SOS: Children Villages International

MAP International

International Relief Teams

Feeding America

United Way

Task Force for Global Health

American National Red Cross

Food for the Poor

Goodwill Industries


American Cancer Society

St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital


New York Times


T&C 50 

The University of Pennsylvania Center for High Impact Philanthropy



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